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Cherrington 440 XL

Beach Cleaner

The beach cleaner lifts the sand into the machine and screens it thoroughly for perfect cleaning of your beach. The sand is fed through a vibrating screen by the transport system unit, with all objects larger than the selected screen size being retained in the container. The screened sand falls through and returns to the beach.

The Cherrington 440 XL is an efficient and cost-effective option for power screening in a variety of applications. From cleaning beaches and maintaining sand areas for diverse sports and horse tracks to seedbed preparation, the Cherrington 440 XL gets the job done.

The Cherrington 440 XL requires a tractor with 30 - 45 hp (depending on sand quality), a PTO speed of 540 rpm and a three-point hitch, cat. I.

Overall Length 3,302 mm  
Width 1,753 mm  
Height 1,702 mm  
Working Width 1,219 mm  

Net Weight 1,016 kg  

Power Take-Off Shaft Speed 540 rpm  
Working Depth Up To 10 cm  
Dump Height from 0 to 0 mm / 1,524  
Hopper Capacity 0.4 m³  

Beach Cleaner Cherrington 440 XL


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