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BeachTech 2500

Beach Cleaner

Already prior to the development of the new BeachTech 2500, we included our customers. The BeachTech team has surveyed the customers and listened carefully to, and analyzed, their feedback. In implementing the design, the engineers made it a point to concentrate on the inner values. Numerous improvements were the result.

The patented, innovative composite screening belt is the innovation of central importance: with additional drive belts and cross bars, the composite screening belt has a higher mileage and at the same time a longer service life. Due to the new construction, the screening belt is not subject to elongation and therefore does not have to be shortened anymore.

Other features of the BeachTech 2500 make the work easier: the axle construction, for example, provides plenty of room for service work, the kinematics ensure easy unloading of the waste container, and the remote control easier operation. And these are just some of the benefits of the BeachTech 2500!

Overall Length 6,060 mm / 19 ft 11 in  
Width 2,500 mm / 8 ft 2 in  
Height 2,250 mm / 7 ft 5 in  
Working Width 2,500 mm / 8 ft 2 in  

Net Weight 2,790 kg / 6151 lbs  
Gross Weight Limit 4,000 kg / 8818 lbs  

Max Cleaning Performance 30,000 m²/h / 7,4 acres/hr  
Power Take-Off Shaft Speed 540 rpm  
Working Depth Up To 30 cm / 12 in  
Hopper Capacity 2.8 m³ / 3,7 cu yd  
Dump Height 2,750 mm / 9 ft  

Beach Cleaner BeachTech 2500


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