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  • Cherrington Beach cleaners are multi-use. Use on ocean beaches, lakeshores, playgrounds, horse tracks, sludge drying beds, landscaping sites – anywhere where an efficient Mobile Screener is needed! We build Cherrington Beach cleaners to give you many years of effective service. For nearly three decades Cherrington Beach cleaners have been getting better and better! You can count on Cherrington. Below you will find the latest Cherrington Industry Related News.



Cherrington Company News & Announcements



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WOW! Check out what this screener can do!

Cherrington Model 440 is amazingly versatile!



With the very same machine on the very same day, you can screen clean a beach, remove stones from a horse arena, and prepare a seedbed at a landscape site!    The Model 440 is a great machine for rental yards - if your local rental store doesn't have a Cherrington, tell them to give us a call!  (701) 952-0226










Zebra Mussel Shells

Cherrington Beach Cleaners are uniquely able to safely and efficiently remove zebra shells from beach sand.



Unlike common raking methods that, by their nature, leave behind small debris, Cherrington lifts and screens the sand to remove everything larger that the selected screen hole size and immediately returns the sand to the beach.

The average zebra mussel lives up to eight years and may produce up to 1 million offspring each year.   As this population rages unchecked in the water; the shells pile up on the beach requiring frequent, perhaps daily, removal.   Cherrington's efficient screen design is ideal for this type of job.

Cherrington offers a complete line of beach cleaners - from high capacity to compact models - to meet your size and budget requirements.  Call today for more information!   +1 701 952 0226 










Cherrington Model 5500 In Sanya, China on Yalong Bay




A Cherrington Model 5500 was installed in Sanya China on Yalong Bay. The 5500 will be used by the new Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2014. The Model 5500 is an all-wheel drive beach cleaner that is unmatched for maneuverability, operator comfort, and ease of operational control.










New High Speed Sifting Screens

Cherrington Now Offers High-Speed Stainless Steel Screens for Longer Life and 20% Faster Sifting!



 Contact the Cherrington today for more information on these high speed screens!   (701) 952-0226










Cherrington 950 - Now with Electric Start

Cherrington's compact, wireless remote control beach cleaner now has electric start on its Honda engine for even greater ease of operation!



Beach cleaning in tight areas has never been easier!    This remote controlled beach cleaner's three-wheel design allows for a zero-turn radius allowing you to maneuver around play equipment, between trees or seating areas, and along boardwalks.   










Cherrington Model 5450

The World's Most Efficient Self-Propelled Beach Cleaner Just Got Even Better!



The Cherrington Model 5000 has long been recognized for its efficiency, maneuverability, and dependability as the world's leading self-propelled beach cleaner.

Cherrington's engineers took the features customers love about the Self-Propelled Model 5000 and combined them with the advanced screening system design proven in Cherrington's tractor model line, to bring you the Cherrington Model 5450.










Cherrington's Signature "Lift and Sift" Screening Method Featured in EnviroCities Magazine

Beautiful, Safe Beaches Do Not Happen by Chance



View EnviroCities Magazine Article

Cherrington's "Lift and Sift" Screening Method is proven for removing sharp coral, oil contamination, trash, cigarette filters and more.   The "Lift and Sift" screening method not only removes unwanted material and debris, but also greatly reduces bacteria growth by exposing the sand to the sun's purifying rays.










Cherrington Introduces the New Model 5500 Beach Cleaner!

Cherrington once again takes beach cleaning to a new level with the new Model 5500 Beach Cleaner!



Cherrington has combined the proven Lift and Screen Method of beach cleaning with state of the art technology and an innovative design to bring you the new Model 5500 Beach Cleaner!

Like the Model 5000, the Model 5500 is a self-propelled beach cleaner with unparalleled manueverability, but now with enhanced operator comfort and ease of operational control.  The Model 5500 has a single screen with a more efficient and quieter oscillating screen system for debris/sand separation, a larger hopper and improved traction.   More information










Are Rocks "Growing" in Your Horse Arena?

Mobile Screening is the Answer for "Growing" Rock Problems in Horse Arenas



Cherrington Mobile Screeners are the ideal solution for removing rocks and other unwanted material from your riding arena or training track.   Cherrington Lifts and Screens the cushion, removing everything larger than the selected screen hole size and return the sand/soil immediately back to the surface.   Watch this video for more information on the compact Cherrington Model 440 Mobile Screener Series used in this application.  Also available in larger models.










21st Century Business Features Cherrington

Award winning television series, 21st Century Business, will be featuring Cherrington Beach Cleaners on FOX BUSINESS Saturday June 23 at 4:30 EST (check local listings) SEE FULL INTERVIEW HERE!



21st Century Business airs on CNBC and the Fox Business Network to over 100 million viewers nationwide as well as internationally via DirecTV and Dish Network.